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Hi everyone! I’m Alix Devlin and I’m in my fourth year of Political Science and International Indigenous Studies. I’m running to be your next Faculty of Arts Student Association Vice President Events!


Although I will be new to the FASA Council, I am not new as a student to the University of Calgary. I have had to deal with the negative consequences from issues that all students are facing currently, such as budget cuts, tuition raises, online classes, the pandemic, and all the effects on mental health these issues have created and worsened. FASA is a great tool and means to bring arts students together to combat these issues while also enhancing student connections and experiences. 


The first part of my platform focuses on organizing events that will listen to the voices of arts students and assist them in fighting back against some of the issues mentioned above. I plan to: 

  • Utilize Special Meetings in FASA’s bylaws where departments can vote in a grassroots way to direct FASA policy, especially on department-specific issues

    • Employing this meeting tool, where a petition leads to a vote, encourages more participation and voices heard from FASA membership and departments 

    • Arts students’ votes are binding, meaning these meetings are where FASA membership explicitly directs policy

  • Integrate consultation into the planning of events  

    • Allows for input from arts students regarding events they would like to see and participate in 

  • Assist department representatives in hosting department events which facilitate their members in uniting against the budget cuts.

    • The budget cuts have hit all students hard and are unsustainable for many. There is power in numbers and being able to come together and oppose the cuts is the only way we can stop them.

  • Collaborate with the VP OpFi to hold fundraising events to help FASA gain more financial freedom so that it is a stronger decision-making body that better represents arts students. 


The next part of my platform is centred around more general events for the arts student experience. I plan to:

  • Build important relationships with Indigenous student clubs across campus

    • FASA must demonstrate its commitment to decolonization by materially showing up for Indigenous students 

      • This will look like showing support in numbers or resources for any campaigns put forward by the clubs

      • Collaborating on events for awareness, teaching, and learning


  • Collaborate with VP OpFi to create events and fundraising for our faculty. Due to uncertainty with Covid-19 and the vaccine roll-out, I am prepared to come up with rewarding events that will keep the safety of students a priority, whether they are in-person or online

    • After over a year of online classes, I am going to focus on creating events to help Arts students stay connected with each other while having a space to rewind, destress, and meet new people.

    • This pandemic has led to negative impacts for many students, and also the rest of Alberta. I plan to organize aid and charity-focused events wherever needed in the UofC and Calgary community to mitigate these impacts

  • Solidarity fundraising events in collaboration with racial justice organizations especially those that work on direct material needs such as food and housing

    • Hate crimes are on the rise around the world, and Calgary is no exception. However, there are numerous organizations in our city fighting to counter these crimes and provide aid and protections for those who are affected and at risk. I will create fundraisers to show support through financial aid. 


Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to discuss my platform! 

Instagram: @alix4events


Vote Alix Devlin for VP Events April 6-8!