Aurelle Crerar - VP Operations & Finance


Hello Faculty of Arts Students! My name is Aurelle Crerar and I am running to be FASA's (Faculty of Arts Students Association) next Vice President Operations and Finance. This past year, I have had the opportunity to work with FASA as the SLLLC's (School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures) Department Representative. My role has helped me to engage more within the academic community at The University of Calgary and help to give voice to students through my position. I would be very humbled to continue being an active representative through FASA this upcoming year, and I am excited to share the three key elements my role as VP OpFi will revolve around.


1. Advocacy and Transparency


As a current Arts Student, it is easy to understand the worry, and frustration students feel with the roll outs of higher tuition costs and budget cuts. If elected, my goal throughout the term is to continue being open about these concerns with all students and being an imperative voice for each student. If elected I will;

·      Continue to advocate on a regular basis to Faculty members and elected officials about concerns the student body has regarding their academic life and culture.

·      Work on and in collaboration with other elected representatives to support the various clubs and organizations on campus.

·      Have open and ongoing office hours to effectively listen to student concerns prior to meeting with Faculty. 


2. Ongoing Budget and Budget Opportunities


As VP OpFi, if elected, it is my role to put in place a strategic and well-rounded budget to ensure that FASA can offer as many events, and services as possible for Arts Students. As we continue to proceed though the current Covid-19 Pandemic it is vital to ensure there is a secured budget in place that will support students while we continue our online academics, but to also have plans for when students may return to campus life. If elected I will;

·      Prepare and consult with other electives and faculty members to put in place an appropriate and sustainable budget.

·      Work to pursue sponsorships, grants and funding that will help to curate events for our student body.

·      Create workshops and events that help students with their personal financial growth, such as Student Loan Information Sessions, scholarship seminars and providing multiple financial resources best suited to the needs of each individual.  


3. Continued Engagement, Collaboration and Representation


If elected, I would like to be a true advocate and liaison between the student body and all faculty and administration at the University of Calgary. To do this I will;

·      Pursue the creation of events, sessions, and resources that aim to enhance all academic studies and cultures.

·      Aim to curate a sense of engagement within the Faculty of Arts as well as with other Faculties.

·      Enhance student life whether its online or on campus! 

·      Be a direct line of communication between students and faculty, representatives and staff. 

·      Work with and alongside my other executives and representatives to continue the creation and support of clubs, organizations and events.

·      Work to create non-academic events that aim to support mental health and mental health awareness on and off campus.


I look forward to being a representative for our student body and sharing my goals with all Faculty of Arts Students. If you have any questions or comments about my focus points please do not hesitate to reach out to me!