Chaise Combs - VP Communications


Hello Arts students! My name is Chaise Combs, and I’m running to be your Faculty of Arts Students' Association Vice President Communications! I'm working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double-major in Communications & Media Studies and Political Science, and I'm incredibly passionate about the Alberta student movement. Before transferring, I had the privilege of serving as a Councillor, Vice President Student Life, and President of the Students' Association of Red Deer College. Given the dire state of Alberta’s post-secondary sector, I feel compelled to continue pushing for meaningful change within the University of Calgary.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been brutal on all of us. It’s exposed some of our post-secondary system's greatest flaws. Students need bold and experienced student leadership now more than ever, and that's why I'm motivated to remain involved at a department, faculty, and institutional level. To build on the success of the exciting ideas proposed during the Students' Union 2021 general election, I will:


  1. Improve Communication with Arts Students by:

  1. Working alongside the President to develop an annual marketing and communications plan, including press releases, digital advertising, and interviews,

  2. Collaborating with the Vice President Operations & Finance on enhancing FASA's newsletter, 

  3. Working with the Students' Union to obtain the Arts students email list and department-specific email lists, assisting Department Representatives in their duties, 

  4. Improving the navigability and general aesthetic of FASA's website, and

  5. Soliciting Arts student feedback through an accessible online form.


2.     Grow FASA's Profile on Campus by:

  1. Collaborating with the President and Vice President Academic on educating members through online platforms like Reddit, 

  2. Creating student leader profiles to highlight the excellent level of student leadership within FASA and promote the collaborative nature of the organization,

  3. Using FASA's considerable reach to advertise department-specific events, increasing participation and awareness, and 

  4. Meeting students where they’re at by bringing the Association's presence to new and relevant digital platforms like Discord and TikTok.


1.     Expand the Political Capacity of the Association by:

a.     Utilizing FASA's Street Team to engage in both canvassing and class talks, as well as drive engagement toward FASA campaigns and department events,

b.     Further taking advantage of the Street Team to develop networks of committed and engaged students willing to stand up to University of Calgary Administration and government, 

c.     Offering political education initiatives for active and interested members, and

d.     Creating targeted media campaigns on issues relevant to students to ensure that the public and government understand our priorities.


Coronavirus presents serious challenges to us as students and as young people more generally. But, with crisis also comes opportunity. We can’t afford to go back to normal; now is the time to reimagine what a post-pandemic world could look like. That’s why we need to lay the groundwork now to begin asserting our collective power.

If you would like to discuss my platform further or contact me for campaign related reasons, please feel free to reach out using the following platforms:


Thank you so much and please remember to vote Chaise April 6th - 8th