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[2021 - 2022]


Executive Team



Hi! My name is Mateusz, and I'm an international student in my third year of a BA in Psychology with an embedded Sustainability Certificate. I ran for FASA President with the goal of organizing Arts students to fight for our collective interests. Whether it's opposing the provincial budget cuts, organizing with departments for their interests, or helping Arts students with academic issues, it's all a part of the presidential role for me. For fun, I enjoy playing soccer, dancing, gardening, and sharing a meal with new people! My inbox is always open.



VP Events

Hi! My name is Alix and I’m in my 5th year of a Political Science and International Indigenous Studies major. I am also Vice President Events for FASA! 

What really interested me about this role is  that I have the ability to facilitate engagement and connection between students through planning fun events that focus on creating relationships. 

Advocacy is also very important to me. Students have faced budget cuts and tuition hikes and a lot of uncertainty regarding in-person classes. Also, there has been a rise in hate crimes and issues affecting vulnerable groups in Calgary. 

I’m excited to work with the FASA team to address these issues, support students, and offer support to racial justice organizations.



VP Academic

Hi! My name is Noa and I’m a fourth year Ancient and Medieval History major. I ran for FASA because I believe the student experience is truly what you make it and the best possible experience starts with advocacy and opportunities. I want to be able to provide an academic experience that includes more chances to present and develop research and assist with further job creation and placements. Outside of school I love cooking and experimenting with new cuisine, as well as playing some board games (my top pick for 2020-2021 is Dune: Imperium). Feel free to reach out if you need help with anything or just want to talk board games.



VP Operations and Finance

Hello ! My name is Aurelle Crerar and I sit on FASA as the Vice President Operations & Finance. I am going into my fourth year studying Linguistics with a concentration in Speech Language Sciences. I ran for FASA because I believe students have the opportunity to make what they want happen a reality and I love to guide and support those who want to make change happen. Administration has always been one of my favourite job roles which is what drew me to the OpFi role! Outside of academics I love to dance, work in esthetics, spend time with my family, work alongside the deaf / hoh community and play with my pups ! Please feel free to reach out at anytime!



VP Communications

I'm a fourth-year transfer student with a double-major in Political Science and Communications & Media Studies. I ran with the goal of organizing arts students against budget cuts and tuition hikes. I'm hoping to add a political flair to FASA's communications and galvanize students into fighting for our collective interests. I sit on multiple boards and committees external to the university. In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, writing music, reading books, making memes, posting, and spending time with my dog.


Progam Representatives

Anthropology and Archaeology

Department Club


Department Club

Classics and Religion

Department Club

Communication, Media, and Film

Department Club


Department Club


Department Club


Department Club


Department Club


Department Club

Political Science

Department Club


Department Club


Department Club

School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA)

Department Club

School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, and Cultures (SLLLC)

Department Club

International Relations

Department Club

Law and Society

Department Club

Urban Studies

Department Club

Development Studies

Department Club


SU Arts Reps

Arts Representative

Arts Representative

Arts Representative

Arts Representative





Hi there! My name is Matthew, I am going into my fourth year of a B.Sc in Psychology, and I am thrilled to be joining the Faculty of Arts Students' Association as Speaker in the Fall 2021 term. I look forward to doing my part to facilitate communication in our biweekly FASA meetings and to help coordinate with Faculty of Arts departments, especially as we return to pre-COVID operations after a year-and-a-half of socially distanced learning.


Fun fact about me: in addition to working as Speaker with FASA this coming year, I am an exec with the University of Calgary Dungeons and Dragons club!


Director of  Communications


Hi everyone! My name is Brennan and I’m the new Director of Communications at the Faculty of Arts Students Association. I’m going into my fourth year at the University of Calgary, studying (fittingly) Communications and Media Studies. My goal in working with FASA this year is to help better represent them to the Arts student body. We’re all well aware of the difficulties facing Arts students, be it from provincial budget cuts, to irresponsible admin decisions, making it even more important that Arts students are aware of resources they can turn to for support. I applied to be director because I have a lot of experience working in other community organizations like CJSW, or Students In Communications, and this is a great opportunity to further develop my skills, while contributing to a cause I care about. My fun fact is that I actually host my own show at CJSW, from 11PM to midnight on Thursdays, so if you’re into experimental music or metal you should tune in and get to know me more!


Director of Scholarships and Grants


Hello Arts students, my name is Blair-Sujin Kang (you can call me Blair!) and I am in my fourth year, majoring in Communication and media studies and minoring in Management studies with an embedded certificate program in Sustainability studies.


I am honoured to work as Director of Sponsorships and Grants Committee this year and very excited to work with amazing FASA members to manage finance and provide better opportunities and experiences to Arts students. 


I worked with FASA as Director of Policy Review and Amendment Committee and CRO last year to support the Finance and Operations team and Arts students and it was one of the best experiences as an Arts student at UofC since I was able to interact with students, committees and faculty staff.


A fun fact about me is that I speak 4 languages!


Director of Strategic Planning


Frankie is a 5th year English major. They applied to help support FASA in organizing Arts students.


Director of  Street Team


Hello, my name is Sebastian Andrés Rodriguez. I’m currently enrolled as a 4th-year undergrad in Urban Studies, having transferred two years ago from Mount Royal University where I pursued a degree in Criminal Justice. 
My goal with FASA this term is to help myself and our student body realize the power inherent within all of us, especially when we approach our issues as a collective unit. I applied to the Director of Street Team position because I believe the issues presented to us today, while frightening, are not insurmountable. With proper organization and a clear way forward, anything is possible. 
A couple facts about me!
I’m an Indigenous immigrant, I can read in 4 languages, and have been fortunate enough to visit every continent except for Africa, Antarctica and Oceania (18-hour layovers count okay!).


Policy Review and Amendment Commitee


Hi, I'm Courtney and I'm an 8th year multidisciplinary student. Having been around the block, one or eight times now, I have seen a lot of change at the University of Calgary, and I am excited to be able to contribute to the positive mission that FASA has. As a multidisciplinary student, I have a minor in Social & Cultural Anthropology and a secondary focus in Religious studies and have spent some time program hopping getting to know different departments before settling on this path and love our Faculty for the diversity it offers. As the Policy, Review and Amendment Committee Director, I hope to make tangible positive change to FASA's Terms of Reference and other books of policy through smart, critical, and thoughtful suggestions & amendments. A side project I hope to tackle while working with FASA is looking for additional opportunities to connect multidisciplinary students sooner in their degree. Outside of my studies I currently work with a tech start-up in the death-tech space which has taught me a lot about entrepreneurship, innovation, and initiative. I am also an avid hiker hoping to conquer my first peak in 2021.


Director of  Events 


Jenny is in her 4th and final year of her Psychology degree. She wants to help organize events that provide opportunities for students to be a part of the Arts community.


Director of Newsletter and Website


Hi! My name is Aaron Limpin, and I’m going into my second year of Political Science and International Relations with a minor in Japanese. My goals with FASA this year is to revamp their website and give it a new feel while sticking to the classics. I applied to be a director cause I was the Website Director last year and I also wanted to get more involved in the Arts community. A fun fact about me is that I love going out to eat and I love exploring cities.


Director of AURS


My name is Demilade Odusola and I am a 4th year Communications and Media Studies and Biological Sciences international student here at UCalgary. I am very excited to be the new Director of the Arts Undergraduate Research Symposium for this academic year, and to be a part of the FASA team. I look forward to working with my incredible FASA team to help Arts students readjust to the in-person/hybrid classes this year, as well as continue to provide all Arts students with the resources and news that they require to thrive in the Faculty of Arts. I applied to be a director because I wanted to be part of the positive change that I believe FASA will make in the lives of students and I look forward to all of the accomplishments and challenges that I will achieve and overcome this year. A fun fact about me, I got into university when I was 16!

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