Frankie Hart - VP Operations & Finance


Hi Arts students! I’m Frankie Hart, a 5th year English major, and I’m running to be the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association’s next Vice President Operations and Finance! 


The ongoing pandemic and its effects on students on a department, faculty, university, municipal, and provincial level inspired me to get involved on campus in this capacity. I want to continue the trajectory started in the Students’ Union elections in pursuing the goal of FASA’s financial independence from the Faculty. Arts students will have the opportunity to vote on the introduction of a $2-3 fee levy that would support this independence, freeing FASA from conflicts of interest with the administration. However, we would not rely on funding from this levy alone. While supporting progress in the development of the fee, I will aggressively pursue expanding FASA’s financials through:

  1. Fundraising campaigns, which will largely be determined by the future of vaccine roll-out and student presence on campus next year. This will also involve collaborating with the VP Events.

○      Until we can safely return to campus, we’ll have to get creative with our fundraisers. Something fun and achievable would be for me to do a 24-hour livestream fundraiser on Twitch, playing games like Stardew Valley or Among Us where others can also easily join and leave for smaller sections of time to help out.

○      When we can safely return to campus, then we can pursue more traditional fundraising methods such as bake sales and explore creating and selling Arts-branded merchandising. This can also serve to add a sense of community and pride in the Arts.

  1. Ensuring both Director of Sponsorships and Grants positions are filled, and working closely with those directors and the Sponsorships and Grants Committee (SAGC).

  2. Working with department reps to identify possible industry partners for sponsorships and grants, and encouraging participation on SAGC.


With an expanded budget, FASA can:

●      Support department organizations and clubs through grants.

●      Work with VP Events to introduce new, smaller events to encourage engagement.

●      Increase funding to Arts Undergraduate Research Symposium.

●      Hire ASL interpreters for events.

●      Ensure the Arts lounge has up-to-date equipment to provide accessibility for students who must attend from home.

○      This will ensure all students have access to events regardless of the progress of vaccine rollout or high-risk status.

●      Allocate funding for more advertising, encouraging engagement.


More funding would allow FASA these additions alongside its current social events such as the Arts Gala and Heart the Arts.


While working on securing and expanding funding, I will also expand the work from previous OpFis, including:

●      Collaborating with the VP Communications on maintaining the FASA newsletter and expanding its reach.

●      Working as the Policy Review and Amendment Committee’s chair, ensuring students are consulted on any new policy as appropriate.

●      Continuing maintenance of the Arts Lounge as needed depending on the circumstances of returning to campus.


I hope I can represent your interests as Arts students as VP OpFi! If you have questions or are interested in discussing my platform, feel free to contact me on Instagram @frankiehart4opfi, on Reddit at u/frankiehart4opfi, or at

Thank you, and please remember to vote April 6-8! Hart 4 Arts!