Noa Spivak - VP Academic

Hey arts!

My name is Noa Spivak, I’m a third year majoring in Ancient and Medieval History and I am beyond excited to be running for FASA’s VP Academic! In the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of being the Classics and Religion department representative, and my experiences with student advocacy and the online academic experience has shaped my electoral platform. If elected, I hope to:


❏    Create a D2L shell for FASA. FASA is unable to have a mailing list the way the SU does, which limits its accessibility and outreach to arts students. This shell could be utilized to post about FASA initiatives, such as AURS, as well as update the arts student body about FASA initiatives, including promoting EDI within the faculty.

-       The creation of a D2L shell would allow for further accessibility for student events. With the government’s planned return to campus, some students may feel unsafe depending on our constantly changing circumstances and sometimes, even as is, students don’t have time to attend in person club events. Therefore, instead of having nearly monthly academic events in person, I would collaborate with professionals across the Faculty of Arts to create a video series to be available on the shell at everyone’s leisure. Topics would include resume writing with the career centre, alumni speakers to discuss their fields and how it relates to their education in arts, etc.


❏    Revitalize office hours and maximize academic representation. If elected as VP Academic, I’d actively run office hours spanning over 4-6 hours of the week. I see it as a key part of the VP Academic role to be a voice for the concerns of students and it can be daunting to self advocate to professors, so it would be my responsibility and pleasure to actively advocate on the behalf of students who have concerns about academics within the Faculty of Arts. In addition to one on one sessions, I intend to release surveys checking in on both the coursework and mental health of arts students via each department.


❏    Improve communication across the faculty. There tends to be a disconnect between FASA and department clubs, and I hope to remedy this issue. I intend to reach out to all Arts department clubs and register them with FASA. Moving forward, I hope to set up regular communication between department representatives and clubs in order to strengthen Arts on all matters.


❏    Continue to build the Arts Undergraduate Research Symposium! In continuity with my digital accessibility plan, I would include pre recorded presentations alongside the live conference presentations that can be viewed leisurely even after the conference ends. For those hoping to build connections and pursue careers in academia or other fields post-graduation, alumni panels/workshops would take place during the conference. 

-       This year, an academic journal for the Faculty of Arts was created in tandem with the conference. To expand on this, I would reach out to cubs that actively publish their own department journal to publish their submissions within the larger journal to help further the exposure of their researchers and include departments that may be less obligated to submit due to their own journal.


❏    Help to expand the Arts Showcase. Our fine arts community is so large and talented, so I want to work with the SU Arts representatives to help showcase the creativity we have at home. This would include day time performances from drama students and music students, to increase accessibility to their work beyond the evening performances. I hope to work with the respective department clubs to make sure that these events are as student driven as possible. Additionally, there would be a showcase of art work in the Arts Lounge, with the possibility of prizes for the art to be decided by the Arts student body. This would increase awareness of work done by BFA students and hopefully bring the SCPA further into the fold of the Faculty of Arts.


If you have any questions, please email me or follow my campaign on instagram, @noa4vpacademic !!


Thank you for reading my platform, and I hope I have your vote for FASA VP Academic, April 6-8th!