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[2023 - 2024]


Executive Team



Hey folks! My name is Valentina and I am five years into a double major in Anthropology and History, with a minor in Latin American Studies. I ran for President of the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association with the goal of creating a connected community of Arts students that work to address student issues and celebrate academic successes. I hope to lay the groundwork for a highly active, well-rounded and organized association that bases its movements on improving the student experience at UofC. I have been a member of FASA as a council member and as an executive these last two years. My hope is that, as President, I can increase FASA’s presence in our academic community by supporting student advocacy efforts, holding new and exciting events, and providing students that are wanting to make an impact on this community the means to do so. I am very passionate about what FASA can do for the Faculty of Arts and I am happy to continue to serve as a representative for the student body. 

Outside of Uni you’ll find me dancing, looking for any opportunity to travel, reading about a fictional kingdom, and spending time with family. If any of you have ideas, concerns, questions, or need support and don’t know where to go, please reach out. I am looking forward to connecting with all of you!



VP Operations and Finance

Hello! My name is Anya and I am in my fifth year of a Business Analytics major and a Political Science minor. I am excited to bring my previous experiences in finance to FASA and be able to provide more opportunities to all Arts Students with our funding. I aim to give back to all of you with experiences outside of just studies to bring together the community and help you get more from your time in university. I want to give support to clubs and faculties within the Arts Department, and promote equity, diversity and inclusion, but most importantly, I want to directly hear from students as to what they would like to see and receive from FASA. Along with volunteering with clubs, I enjoy spending time with family, playing games with friends, traveling, and trying different things. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, ideas, or would like support, I’ll be glad to assist in any way that I can!

29A06391-89CC-49B6-9E2D-4554AA9C8E07 (1)_JPG.webp


VP External

Hey! My name is Thu and I am a fourth-year international student from Vietnam. I am currently studying Political Science with a minor in Sociology. For this next year, I will be serving my fellow arts students as the FASA VP External.  In my time here, the lack of student activism and expression on campus has become increasingly intolerable. Therefore, it is only proper that with the resources of FASA, I will help cultivate a community built around student expression and advocacy. Moreover, I hope to make more fun activities available on campus such as organizing fun events and games. Students should not only come to campus to study, but have a reason to stay afterwards. Maybe, make a few friends along the way. In sum, I am single-minded in my purpose to help the experience of UofC students in whatever way I can. For this upcoming year, I urge my fellow students who want their voices heard, to reach out to FASA. I will always find time to listen to your concerns and help in any way I can. Aside from FASA, I am an avid fan of fighting sports. If you talk about fighter pay or Muay Thai, I will talk for hours. Also, I really enjoy playing Monster Hunter and Overwatch.



VP Academic

Hola! My name is Luis and I am a fourth-year international student from Mexico, majoring in Political Science and pursuing minors in Security Studies and Law & Society, as well as Co-Op Education. This year I have the great honour of serving, on behalf of all Arts students, as Vice President Academic. During my term in office I am committed to representing the values and mission that FASA is based on and work to solidify the vibrancy of our community for all students. Over the years, I have been involved in several volunteer and extra- and co-curricular activities that have broadened my knowledge and furthered my engagement in student affairs. Last year I had the privilege of serving FASA as Director of Internal Affairs and Political Science Department Representative and got the opportunity to participate in several FASA activities and committees with the aim of improving students' experience at UCalgary. I strongly believe in collaborative work and I am intending to work with all students for the enhancement of our community. My passions include reading about public policy and world affairs in general, but I do love going over a good mystery novel every once in a while. 

Wajih Ahmed 2023-03-25.webp


VP Communications

Hello there! My name is Wajih and I'm entering my 4th year in Economics at U of C. In all honesty, until I entered my third year I had no clue what FASA even was, and I wish I'd heard about it sooner. With all the useful support and help FASA gives to Arts students, I wanted to play a role in spreading the message and ensuring that all students are in the know about the wonderful opportunities and possibilities FASA can open! Apart from FASA, I love joining tons of clubs and learning about topics and hobbies I've never even heard of before. You'll find me arguing in Debate Club, complaining about my bad hand in Board Game Club and even snapping my fingers to some beautiful poetry at Poetry Club! Here's to wonderful 2023-2024!



VP Events

Hi! My name is Kaylyn, and I am entering my final undergraduate year majoring in both Sociology and English Literature. My journey with FASA began in 2018 as I assumed the position of English Department Representative. Now, this past academic year, I had the privilege of serving UofC Arts students as FASA’s VP Events, and am excited to enter my second term in this position for 2023-2024. During my time in office I aim to orchestrate unforgettable moments for our students. Ones which foster a sense of community, inclusivity, and pride in Arts. With the ever changing landscape of education, FASA, as well as I, aspire to reconnect students with one another to promote long-lasting connections, and celebrate them through whatever the year throws our way. The most important piece in all of the work we accomplish within FASA is you! Outside of university, you most likely would find me with my two dogs, going on unplanned road trips, or jumping from one hobby to another. If you have ideas, questions, or want to get involved in FASA Events, please reach out! Here is to a wonderful year ahead!


Progam Representatives

Isabella Palamaruk



Department Club

Elyan Manderville 



Department Club


Classics and Religion


Department Club


Communication, Media, and Film


Department Club
5a3684e5-f432-452c-9667-9d6b303a49bd - Aaron Arauco Castillo.jpg

Aaron Arauco


Hey, I'm Aaron and I will be your Economics department representative htis year!

Department Club

Emilie Feldberg



Department Club

Rakshit Narayanan Devaraj Baskar



Department Club
927D854E-32CB-49AD-A4B5-81C64E39ECE9_1_105_c - Juan Razon.jpeg

Juan Razon


Hello! Im Juan and I am the History Department Representative for FASA this academic year. I am in my 4th year of a combined degree in History & Education. I was born in the Philippines but I grew up in the Banff and Canmore area. In my free time I like to read, binge watch TV shows, and hang with my friends. If you ever want to connect with me, you can email me at Cheers

Department Club

Daniel Fine



Department Club

Amisha Grewal 

Political Science


Department Club
Headshot - Sheraz.jpg

Sheraz Raja


Hey everyone! My name is Sheraz and I'm currently in my 4th year pursuing a dual degree in Psychology (BSc) and Finance! Outside of school, I enjoy doing research, reading, watching movies, and taking my cat Zorro on walks around my neighborhood.

Department Club
371507215_284435403990379_4928857472271600548_n - Jennel Duluguin.jpg

Jennel Duluguin


Hello Everyone! My name is Jennel and I am your Sociology Department Representative for 2023-2024. I am currently in my 2nd year of Sociology and I am also enrolled in the Co-operative Education program. My goal for this year is to be able to engage and get to know student's concerns and questions regarding Sociology or the Arts Faculty in general. I am always happy to help and I can be reached through my instagram (fasa_soci_rep). Happy to meet you all! 

Department Club


School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA)

Sad :(

Department Club

Daniel Barnes

School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, and Cultures (SLLLC)


Department Club

Marty Martynowski

International Relations


Department Club
Sophie Garcia Headshot - Sophia Ysabelle Garcia.jpg

Sophia Garcia

Art and Art History

Hi, my name is Sophia! I am currently in my 3rd-year of studying the concurrent BFA in Visual Studies and BEd in Elementary Education. I have been the representative of the Department of Art and Art History since last Winter. I joined FASA because I'm passionate about serving our students and fostering a vibrant community of artists in my department. In my spare time, I like to pain, visit museums/art galleries, and watch movies.

Department Club
IMG_2875 - Binithi Nadya Karunanayaka.jpg

Binithi Nadya Karunanayaka

Urban Studies

Hey there! I'm Nadya, a fourth-year urban studies student with a mission this year: to dive into the vibrant community of arts faculty.


SU Arts Reps

Naomi Bakana

Arts Representative


Tanner Neigel 

Arts Representative


Siraaj Shah

Arts Representative





Siddhart Chopra is the Speaker for the FASA Council of 2023.


Director of  Media Contents and Media Relations


Hello! I’m Serene, and I’m a second year international student majoring in Communications and Media Studios with a minor in Visual Studies. I ran for this position because I’m incredibly interested in the way information is presented; I hoped to improve my content coordination skills and interpersonal skills, and I hoped to be able to contribute to FASA in whatever way I can!


Director of Arts Lounge Engagement


Hello! My name is Juan and I am in my third year of a combined degree in History and Education. I ran for this position because I wanted to help foster a more engaging and inclusive community in the faculty and create a university environment where students can feel represented and connect with other students in their faculty!


Director of  Scholarships and Grants


Sabina Orchano is the Director of Scholarships and Grants for the 2023 FASA council.


Director of Arts Undergraduate Research Symposium (AURS)


Chloe Chan is the Director of AURS for the 2023 FASA Council.


Director of Photography


Hey! I am Natsach, an international student in my second year of the Bachelor of Film Studies Program. I initially chose a different role within FASA in order to be involved in policymaking that would result in positive changes in student life, particularly in the Faculty of Arts. However, being one of two Directors of Photography has only fueled my passion for leadership and film. I get to take more photos that reflect the progress being made in FASA and am now privileged to sit with other FASA representatives to make decisions for the betterment of the broader campus community.


Director of Street Team


Hello, my name is Wyl and I’m a Third year BFA in Drama. I ran for this position to improve the connectivity between the Drama department, School Of Creative Arts and FASA. Sometimes Theatre can be super isolated, but art is to be seen and artists need help so that’s my job.


Director of Student Engagement


Hi! My name is Abbie Seto and I am in my second year double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. As part of our director of student engagement team, we assist in the organization and mobilization of students for action. Especially amid the recent concerns, over the recent budget cuts and severe tuition increases. Which is one of the reasons why I joined the team. Having been personally affected by these issues and being highly active on campus with other clubs, I want to play more of a part in helping advocate for the issue and actively make a change for this issue. In my free time, I love to travel and swim, meaning most days you would likely find me at the pool. I look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events! :)


Director of Strategic Planning


Frankie is a 5th year English major. They applied to help support FASA in organizing Arts students.


Director of  Media Contents


Hi! My name is Jasmine. I am a fifth-year student with a combined major with a BA in Psychology and BComm in Marketing, with an Embedded Leadership Studies Certificate. I am a director of media content for FASA, and a junior executive for the Commerce Undergrad Society (CUS) in the operations and finance portfolio. I ran for this position because I wanted to get more involved in the arts faculty, and I have always been interested in media creation. I hope to help expand FASA’s social media presence!


Director of Academic and Advocacy Initiatives


Hi! My name is Clara, and I am a fifth-year Law and Society student with a minor in Sociology. As FASA’s Director of Academic and Advocacy Initiatives, I aspire to support Arts students during the progression of their degrees through the developments of events and resources for academic planning and success so that students can get the most out of their education. As well, I hope to serve to the extent of my abilities to ensure that Arts students understand the value that they bring to the UCalgary community. 


Director of  Events


Shakthi Ganesh is the Director of Events for the 2023 FASA council.


Director of Arts Undergraduate Research Symposium (AURS)


Anisha is the Director of AURS for the 2023 FASA Council.


Director of Photography


Hello! My name is Yu Qian, but I mostly go by Ann. I am a fourth-year psychology student minoring in fine arts. I took an interest in this position because I wanted to develop my skills in photography and put them into to a meaningful use. My main goal this year is to document our club experiences, produce high-quality pictures and hopefully use them to provide more exposure to our club! 


Director of Street Team


Isaiah Rawlings is a director of the Street Team for 2023 FASA Council 


Director of  Student Engagement


Hey loves! My name is Aceil Ado, and I'm in my third year of LWSO. I ran for this position because I have always been interested in the law and want to assist arts students who have decided to pursue a career in law by guiding them through their university experience. Ever since my first year my goal has been geared towards that and I would love to share my experience while also creating an inclusive space and community for LWSO majors. My position's main goal is academic planning, especially for LWSO majors who want to go law school or just work in the legal field. Don't be afraid to say hello if you ever run into me in person! I'm a big extrovert.


Director of Internal Affairs


Hola! My name is Luis Sanchez Diaz and I am an international student from Mexico. Presently, I am in my third year majoring in Political Science and minoring in both Security Studies and Law & Society. This year I have been given the opportunity to serve Arts students as Director of Internal Affairs and as Political Science Department Representative. Moreover, as director of internal affairs I will be supporting the Executives in various capacities. On the other hand, as PoliSci department representative I aim to represent and advance the interests of students within the Political Science department to the best of my ability. In both of my roles, I strive to continue supporting the work that FASA does for, and, on behalf of the student community. 


Director of Media Contents and Newsletter and Website


Hey! My name is Natalie Selinger, and I am in my fourth year of Political Science and Law and Society! I am excited to work with FASA this year in two capacities, and to help advocate and work towards a better, more involved student experience for all Faculty of Arts Students!


Director of Academic Advocacy


Leandrew Goseco is the Director of Academic Advocacy for the 2023 FASA council.


Director of Arts Undergraduate Research Symposium (AURS)


Hello, my name is Smruti and I am in my final year, pursuing BSc Psychology. As a Director of AURS, I aspire to facilitate the research symposium. I acknowledge student's efforts throughout the year dedicating their time towards research, therefore, giving them a chance to present their findings will help them enhance their skills. Additionally, I help find judges and scholarships for the student presenters and ensure the event runs smoothly. Along with AURS, I am open to serve FASA with any activities where they need assistance. Outside of university, I like to spread the word of mental wellness and motivate individuals to distress for a better well-being. Some of the ways I like to distress are spending time in nature, focusing on my fitness and engaging myself in learning skills like baking!


Director of Policy & Amendment


Hi my name is Jordie, and I am a third-year undergraduate student in Anthropology. I am part of a team that creates and updates policies for FASA to adhere to.
Outside of this position, I am also invested in combating healthcare inequalities and I volunteer with a team called SexMed that provides comprehensive sexual health education to healthcare practitioners.


Director of Street Team


Hello, my name is Sameed and I’m a Second year BA Economics. I ran for this position so I could prevent the tuition hikes, and have a school where students stress out about studies instead of paying the monthly rent. Students need someone they could relate to and someone who’s an international student. I understand how tuition hikes can affect us in our student life. A motivated director who’s trying to make university a more affordable place.


Director of Street Team


Hello! My name is Aaron Limpin and I am in my third year of a double major in Political Science and International Relations with a minor in Japanese! I am one of the Street Team Directors this year and I initially took on this role because I wanted to take a stand against what was happening to University of Calgary students. I hope to help us all make history and make some changes to better uni students!


Director of Student Engagement


Hi!! My name is Sadia Afroz and I am in my second year majoring in Economics. I am the Director of Student Engagement for this academic year. I wanted to take on this role because I wanted to connect with more arts student. I know it can be hard to make friends sometimes. Trust me, there is a lot of people out there who feels the same as well as I did too. You are not alone. Feel free to reach out to me if you need friends.

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