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  • How do I book the Lounge?
    The Faculty of Arts Students' Association partners with our Faculty to manage bookings for events, activities and other uses of the Arts Students' Lounge. Visit to see if your event meets the criteria for using the Arts Lounge, and to fill out the Booking Request Form.
  • I booked the Lounge through ClubHub, University Conference & Events Management (CEM) or through the Faculty of Arts. Do I need to request the event through FASA, too?"
    Yes. ClubHub allows SU Registered Clubs to book events throughout the University campus including MacEwan Conference and Events Centre rooms (MacHall AB, Ballroom, Shakespeare rooms, etc...) and ClubHub also can be used to book classrooms throughout the University, as the SU partners with CEM to provide that service for Clubs. However, the Arts Students' Lounge is managed by the Faculty of Arts internally, and FASA works alongside them to provide the space for use by clubs and other organizations. Because this process is separate from CEM, any events being booked in the Lounge must go through FASA or the Faculty of Arts.
  • I filled out the Booking Request Form. Am I good to go?
    Not quite yet. Please wait for a response from our Arts Lounge management team prior to moving forward with your event planning. Until the management team confirms your event's eligibility and the Lounge's availability, your event is not confirmed. The Lounge management team will send you an email with a confirmation and some essential information. When you've received that confirmation email, then you're good to go!
  • My event Booking Request was denied. What can I do?
    If your event booking request has been denied by the Lounge Management team, they will send you an email explaining why your event may have been denied. Common reasons include: A time conflict: an event is already scheduled at the time you've requested. A breach in FASA or University policy: for example, politically-affiliated events, events with alcohol or private events (i.e., closed-access) have specific requirements for approval. If you feel your event has been denied improperly, please email and we'll happily work with you to ensure your event meets the eligibility requirements for booking the Lounge, or to find an alternate time that will work for you.
  • Can I book just one of the meeting rooms in the Lounge (SS 103A or SS103 B), rather than the whole Lounge?"
    Unfortunately, not yet. We are working on a way to provide this service for the Arts Lounge meeting rooms, but for the time being, the meeting rooms are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have suggestions, please email!
  • How do I use the projector in the Lounge?
    When you book the Arts Lounge, there is a section on the Booking Request Form that will ask if you require use of the Lounge's projector. If you select Yes, the Arts Lounge management team will provide further details in the confirmation email. FASA provides the Lounge's projector and some adapters/cables that work for most devices, as well as instructions for how to connect your device as part of the Lounge booking service. However, to prevent misuse or theft, we keep these materials locked, and allow access only when necessary. Please email for further details, or to request access to these materials for your event, if you didn't on your Booking Request Form.
  • Someone just asked me to leave the Lounge while I was studying. Can they do that?
    Short answer: Yes. The Arts Students' Lounge is primarily - and most often - used as an open study space for students to use. However, we do allow event bookings for clubs on campus or other organizations, and event organizers may ask you to leave prior to the event starting. You can view the Lounge's booking calendar here to check when/if there's an event coming up. As well, the Lounge's calendar is broadcast on the TV in the Lounge to provide notice of upcoming events for the current week. If you have any concerns, please email
  • The Lounge needs maintenance. How can I request this?
    For any maintenance or cleaning needs, including: The garbage/recycling is full; The floors are wet/need to be swept/mopped; The microwaves in the Lounge are dirty; Furniture in the Lounge is damaged; The room is too hot/too cold Please contact University Facilities Customer Care Centre at: 403-220-7555. Non-urgent matters may be reported to Facilities using ARCHIBUS by students, staff or faculty by visiting: For more information, visit the Facilities website:
  • I have a suggestion for the Lounge. Who can I talk to?
    You can always email with feedback, suggestions or concerns. If we can't help you ourselves, we can point you in the right direction!
  • My question isn't answered here. Who can I ask?
    If your question hasn't been answered on this FAQ page, please email and we'll be happy to help!
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