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Book the Lounge

The Arts Students' Lounge can be booked for events designed to benefit the students in the Faculty of Arts. Whether it be professional, academic or social development, if your event is good for students, we're happy to lend the Lounge for your event!

1. Check Your Eligibility

The Faculty of Arts Students' Association is first and foremost exactly that: a students' association. Our number one priority is the wellbeing and experience of students in the Faculty of Arts. For that reason, we do our utmost to ensure the Arts Students' Lounge is being used appropriately, and exclusively to the benefit of students here at the University.

To help ensure this, we've established a few simple criteria which must be met for any organization and event being scheduled in the Lounge, which is first and foremost, a place for students.

In short, your event must be:

  • Free

  • Inclusive

  • Accessible

  • Beneficial

Remember, booking the Arts Lounge requires a minimum of 2 weeks' notice!

2. Read the Guidelines

Attached is the Arts Lounge Policy, which provides the more details on the criteria for booking an event in the lounge, as well as the rules of use in the space for while your event is happening.

Additionally, FASA has prepared a brief, one-sheet document with some guidelines and tips for using the Arts Lounge for events, available here.

NOTE: All on-campus events are subject to University of Calgary policy.

3. Submit Your Application

Event booking applications must be submitted two weeks prior to the event date for consideration.

FASA does its best to respond as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 2 business days for a response from our Lounge Management team.

Once your application is submitted, we'll review it and be in touch to confirm.

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