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This calendar shows all of FASA's events, as well as events taking place in the Arts Students' Lounge that FASA manages.

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Signature Events



Heart the Arts

Heart the Arts is FASA's signature welcome for students to network with their new peers, and their FASA and SU Arts reps,  The event features pizza and mingling during Orientation week each year to introduce students to the Faculty of Arts. 


Arts Welcome Evening

The Arts Welcome Evening is FASA’s keynote event for the fall semester and features opportunities for students to network with peers, alumni, and faculty, and to discover their potential at the University of Calgary. The event has transformed each year to provide a greater emphasis on first year students and to introduce them to the Faculty of Arts. 

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Glow with the Flow

The first Glow with the Flow event was held in 2014 and has since transformed into an annual tradition with an emphasis on student mental health. Normally held early in the Winter semester, attendees are provided with glowsticks and encouraged to wear white clothes to make use of our blacklight set-up and enjoy an uplifting instructor-led yoga class. 


Arts Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Arts Undergraduate Research Symposium (AURS) is a young but growing event. FASA has seen not only the need for opportunities for students to participate in undergraduate research but for students to showcase that research. AURS fills that gap and hosts the event towards the end of the academic year. Numerous prizes are awarded to winners each year.

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Arts Gala

Our longest running event, the Celebrate Your Degree: Arts Gala is an annual event held since 2013. It is open to all faculty, students, and alumni from the Faculty of Arts. It provides the platform to showcase the successes and milestones over the academic year. There's no better way to cap off the year!

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