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[2020 - 2021]


Executive Team
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Emily is in her fifth year of a combined degree in Communications and Political Science. She joined FASA two years ago as the department representative for Political Science and had the honor of being VP Events last year. Emily originally joined FASA to connect more with her department and provide more opportunities for Political Science students, but she stuck around to further deepen the community within the Faculty. This year she hopes to work on building a culture within the Arts Faculty, using the University Strategies (Mental Health, Indigenous, Sustainability, and Research) to assist Arts Students and enriching the student experience. Emily enjoys hiking, eating tacos, and loves meeting new people, online and in-person! Her inbox is always open.

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VP Events

Sarah is in her fourth year of her Political Science degree. This is her second year with FASA, after being the Political Science Department Representative last year. She joined FASA because she wanted to mobilize the Arts community at large, and help other political science students navigate their university career. As VP Events for FASA, she hopes to deliver engaging, collaborative, and fun events to Arts students in these unprecedented times. Sarah is an avid reader and enjoys taking the occasional boxing class!

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VP Academic

Emma is in her 5th and final year of a combined degree in History and Art History. She has been involved with FASA since 2019 and first joined as the Art Department Representative. This year, she is serving as the VP Academic and is excited to connect with students. Emma joined FASA in order to better connect with students in her department and to further foster a sense of community within the Faculty of Arts. Her goals for this year are to act as a support for students during a time of transition to online learning due to the ongoing global pandemic. Mental health and social advocacy are also key areas that Emma wants to focus on this year. She is excited for the upcoming year and will work tirelessly to address student needs as well as be an advocate for all students.

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VP Operations and Finance

Rayane (Ray) is in her fourth year of a combined degree in Political Science and Neuroscience with a minor in Sociology. This is her second year with FASA, after being one of the SU Arts Representatives. In addition to the VP Operations and Finance role of policy, financial accountability, and transparency, Ray aims at working closely with the faculty administration on a Quality Money Application, on advocating for more seats on faculty committees, and on increasing accessibility within the faculty.  Rayane is outgoing and extremely extroverted and she loves meeting new people and hopes that her skills will serve to the betterment of the Arts faculty!

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VP Communications

Jusnoor Aujla is completing his fifth and final year of a combined degree in biological science and psychology. This is his first year as a member of FASA and he is excited to help the FASA team adapt to the new virtual campus. Jusnoor joined FASA because of his passion for the advocacy of marginalized populations, his goal for the year is to help make events more inviting and accessible to the student population. In his past two years of university, he has completed independent research investigating the effects of marginalization on the social and emotional outcomes of emerging adults. Outside of university, Jusnoor is passionate about learning new baking recipes,  biking marathons and keeping up to date with the latest technological innovations.


Progam Representatives

Olivia Greaves

Anthropology and Archaeology

Department Club


Department Club

Noa Spivak

Classics and Religion

Department Club

Emily Donville

Communication, Media, and Film

Department Club

Nicole Tagg


Department Club

Nandini Agarwal


Department Club


Department Club

Gillian Darichuk


Department Club

Erwin De Guzman


Department Club

Stephanie Sargeant

Political Science

Department Club

Inaara Dewani


Department Club

Krishna Shetye


Department Club

Mickhail Hendi

School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA)

Department Club

School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, and Cultures (SLLLC)

Department Club

Rody Visotski

International Relations

Department Club

Milcah-Marrie Bukasa

Law and Society

Department Club

Ibrahim Taleb

Urban Studies

Department Club

Angela Ma

Development Studies

Department Club


SU Arts Reps

Fayo Abdi

Arts Representative

Malika Qurashi

Arts Representative

Arts Representative

Arts Representative

Caitlin Hornbeck

Justin Gotta


Director, Advocacy

Director, Policy Review and Amendment

Director, Street Team

Director, AURS

Director, Sponsorships and Grants

Director, Student Engagement

Director, Events

Director, Sponsorships and Grants


Director, Media Content

Director, Strategic Planning

Director, Arts Lounge Engagement

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