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Contested Positions

- President (1 candidate)

- Vice President, Academic (2 candidate)

- Vice President, Events (1 candidate)

- Vice President, Operations and Finance (1 candidate)

- Vice President, Communications (1 candidate)

- Vice President, External (2 candidate)

If you have any questions or concerns, email the CRO

Fill out the nominations package and send a completed copy to the CRO at You may also direct any elections related questions to the CRO.

Each year in March, FASA elects its new Executive Committee for the following school year! Below is a timeline of the 2024 Executive Elections and links to different resources.

Nomination Packages Released:

March 19

Nomination Packages End:

5:00pm on March 31

Campaigning Period:

9:00am on April 2 - 4:00pm on April 9

Voting Period:

9:00am on April 5  - 4:00pm on April 9

Results Announced:

April 10 at the FASA Gala

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