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Research Opportunities

Research on Global Challenges

The Research on Global Challenges course (UNIV 302), offered by the University of Calgary, offers hands-on supervised research experience while exploring interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary solutions to complex global

issues. Students should contact the College of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation regarding consent to register and to identify a supervisor.

Students will build foundational skill sets in scientific research, teamwork, problem-solving and collaboration with an interdisciplinary student cohort, addressing issues such as poverty, hunger, health, education, gender, climate change and economic development.

Global challenges project streams this semester:

·       Carbon dioxide removal
·       Pandemics
·       Humans, animals, and the environment
·       Indigenous experience with the police


Program for Undergraduate Research Experience

The PURE program enriches and expands undergraduate learning by allowing students to collaborate with a faculty supervisor to learn how to create research projects and how their findings will lead to new insights while solving social problems.

PURE is a unique learning opportunity to explore personal research interests while developing the abilities to collaborate, think critically and creatively, and communicate with the research community.

PURE provides up to $6000 of financial support to students conducting research for 8, 12 or 16 weeks between May and August.

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