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Program Representatives

FASA attempts to represent each department, school, and program within the Faculty of Arts.


Each program has a student representative, who sits on the FASA Council to represent their department and the students within it.


Program representatives work with their respective program faculty, student clubs, and other Council members to host events, network with alumni and other bodies on campus, and attend regular FASA Council meetings.


We are no longer accepting applications for program representative positions for the 2019-2020 academic year, as all positions have been successfully filled.

We thank you for your interest in FASA, and encourage you to seek other ways to get involved, or to apply for next year's Council.


The Executive Committee within the FASA Council often hires Directors to assist in specific tasks related to each of the Executives' roles.

The tasks of each Executive's role vary, and so will the need for Directors. Some examples of Directors include:

  • Events Directors

  • Lounge Engagement Manager

  • Media Content Director

For more specific information regarding Directorships, and potential openings for Directors, please contact the FASA Executive whose duties you would be most interested in assisting with.


Vice President, Academic

Vice President, Communications

Vice President, Events

Vice President, External

Vice President, Operations & Finance

Other Positions


Street Team Members

Street Team members work under the VP Communications to assist with promotional materials, events, and other fun activities to spread the FASA name across campus. This position is a low and flexible time commitment, and is a great starting point for those who want to be involved with FASA. Head here for details.

*Note: Street Team Members do not hold a seat on council or voting privileges.


Committee Membership

Many of FASA's committees involve "students-at-large," or Arts Students who are otherwise not involved with the FASA Council. For more information regarding FASA's Committees, check out the Committees page.

*Note: Committee Members do not typically hold a seat on Council or voting privileges.

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